Why Selling your Home in the Winter Makes Sense

Believe it or not, selling your home in the winter may just be a very wise financial decision. Listing your home in the winter has shown to be a very smart money move. According to Redfin- they found that average sellers net more above asking price during the months of December, January, February, and March than they do from June through November, even in cold-weather cities like Boston and Chicago.

The Redfin study also stated: The study found that February is “historically the best month to list, with an average of 66 percent of homes listed then selling within 90 days,” according to Redfin’s research.

There is a sense of urgency for buyers to find a home and purchase in the winter months. Often times sellers will remove their homes from the market leaving inventory low and competitive. If you want to have an edge in the selling market, list your home in the winter. You will have less competition and an urgent buyer. Also, many large corporations often transfer employees or hire new ones early in the year, creating opportunities for winter sellers from very motivated purchasers.

Here are few tips for selling in the winter:

  • Keep all walkways clear
  • Keep the thermostat up
  • Keep your floors clean
  • Provide photos of the home in warmer seasons

If you would like more information about listing your home in the winter, contact me! I would be more than happy to help you navigate the selling process.

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